The Green, tought-free solution for your E-WASTE (WEEE)

Collection, intermediation, disassembly, reuse and recovery of Company's Electric and Electronic Waste.
With Alfaraee you can join the Circular Economy, save money and protect the Environment.

Economia circolare di Alfaraee
Your reference for WEEE

Alfaraee is a young and dynamic company specialized in reusing and recycling of e-waste (Waste of Electrical and Electronic equipment). It’s a guiding light for those companies that want to improve their sustainability report and stand out for their environmental value.

With us you can:

  • Manage your WEEE wisely, we support you in the Circular Economy
  • Evaluate your environmental impact, we can guide you from your production process analysis to a concrete solution
  • Benefit from reducing your environmental impact, we help you improve your company sustainability report
  • Manage your waste in an ethical way, we can give you customized solutions and provide to you an environmental impact assessment, useful to fulfill the sustainability report of your company
  • Save time, we can mediate for you even regarding non-WEEE waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous
  • Save money with an optimal waste traceability, we correctly manage your company assets destruction to lighten the tax burden

Earn profit from your e-waste and join us in safeguarding the Planet for future generations.

Impegno ambiente Alfaraee Piramide sostenibilità

The ethical choice that rewards you

Investors consideration towards companies's environmental, social and governance practices is increasingly growing, the future of business is sustainable.

Alfaraee can assess and audit you to plan an ethical business strategy that enhances and facilitates your company. Ask for a strategic consulting and find out more.

Alfaraee ESG - Environmental Social Governance
We work for
Alfaraee collabora con settore Automotive


Alfaraee collabora con settore GDO Grande Distribuzione Organizzata

Mass-market retailers

Alfaraee collabora con settore manifatturiero artigianale

Handmade business

Alfaraee collabora con attività commerciali in generale

Commercial activities

Alfaraee collabora con settore metalmeccanico e industriale

Industrial manufacturing

Alfaraee collabora con settore ICT Information Communication Technology


Alfaraee collabora con tutte le attività che producono RAEE

Businesses producing electrical and electronic equipment

Alfaraee smaltisce rifiuti generici prodotti dalle attività

Activities producing any kind of waste that want to ethically manage it

Alfaraee recupera o riusa ogni anno il 97% di materia e destina il 3% al recupero energetico

Every year

97% of recovered and / or reused material

3% of energy recovery

What we do

Weee collection

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We collect electrical and electronic waste throughout the Emilia-Romagna Region but also worldwide. We use authorized third-party carriers and autonomous storage.

Trading of electronic and metal scrap and plastic waste

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To be reused and reintroduced again into the production chain and contribute to the Circular Economy


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For those companies that produce any kind of waste – both hazardous and non-hazardous – we can handle every management aspect of their waste. This way, you’ll save your precious time.

WEEE disassembly

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In our labs, specialized and qualified technicians carefully take apart electrical and electronic waste into their basic elements. They also carry out empirical tests and recover 100% of the collected WEEE by transforming it into Secondary Raw Material (SRMs) thanks to the collaboration with specialized third-party suppliers.

Data Sanitization

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In compliance with the regulation on sensitive data management, we can do a mechanical destruction or a software sanitization of those devices that still contain sensitive data. Upon request, we authenticate this procedure with official documentation. It’s up to you to choose whether to be virtuous with a software sanitization that allows the reuse of the data container, or to produce waste with a less sustainable mechanical demolition.


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We manage the collection and recovery of photovoltaic panels, providing related documentation and certification.

For a cleaner future, today

How to reach us


Via Mori 6 - 40054 Prunaro (BO)

Phone +39 05119988910 / 911

+39 3755088618

VAT number 03705231201

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